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5 Ways to Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

Industry experts and thought leaders indisputably have a leg-up in today’s business world. They are acknowledged as the go-to expert. Their thoughts and opinions matter. They are sought after when it comes to trends, updates, and other decision-making activities in the industry.

You Should Be Hiring During The Holidays. Here’s Why!

It's the festive season. There’s fun in the air. And the corporate world is tuning down for the holidays. Or so we think. One of the world’s leading toy brands, Toys R Us has plans underway to hire over 3000 seasonal team members. Target also announced plans to hire...

Diversity at Work And Why It Matters

The term ‘diversity’ is frequently used. It’s used in social campaigns, amongst anthropologists, in fund-raising events, and even in your child’s social science textbook. But how often have you heard it in your workplace, much less employed it?

Video Interviewing: The Future of Hiring

Recruitment has seen a lot of technological advances and one such and very crucial is ‘Video Interviewing.’ For several years, the traditional hiring process has helped to recruit managers to find the near to perfect candidates. The traditional hiring process has been useful but now things have evolved.

AI For HR: The Way Forward

The function of Human Resource Management has experienced significant changes over the last few years. As a business, it is not just imperative to have the right people on board, but also to ensure that the employees are assigned to the right job! Some of the world’s leading organizations are a testimony to this.

How to succeed at your new job!

Gone are the days when people use to struggle to get a job. There are lots of platforms like Naukri, Monster and what not to help you get one quick! Sending resume to top MNCs have played part now it is time for video interviews. But the real struggle now is to keep...

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