Recruitment has seen a lot of technological advances and one such and very crucial is ‘Video Interviewing.’ For several years, the traditional hiring process has helped to recruit managers to find the near to perfect candidates. The traditional hiring process has been useful but now things have evolved. The time taken is enormous as the procedure includes:

Job posting > Receiving applications > Cold calling > Screening > Shortlisting > Interview rounds

The truth is, many organizations struggle to establish, leave alone predict their labor needs. Recruiters still crawl through multiple job portals and post job descriptions in a protracted series of tasks. This not only affects metrics such as cost, speed and effectiveness but also remains unsophisticated and rough-hewn in practice. Once the candidate is hired, they tend to have a very insubstantial engagement in performance monitoring and virtually no resources or processes in place to create a talent supply chain.

Well, the time has changed and today, most employers are ditching traditional face-to-face interviews and now prefer e-meeting candidates instead. In fact, according to a recent survey, 63% of organizations capitalize on video platforms for job interviews.

What is Video Interviewing?

Video interviewing is an innovative method of giving the interviews at your very comfort and convenience. Job seekers are often nervous for the interviewers, they are made to wait, and it takes a toll on them. It makes them more cautious and many of the talented professionals lose out on a good job as they fail to portray their potential.

The best part of opting for a video interview is you no longer need to wait for the human resource manager or those long queues for your interview. You can sit in one place, dress up nicely and give the interview.

Video interviews are not only beneficial for candidates or job seekers, but the real gain is for hiring managers and employers. The incredible concept saves a lot of time and efforts of the company. Video interviewing is improving the job search process by breaking down barriers such as location and time away from work, it is also making it easier to connect you to your next role. Instead of going physically to a work location, you can give interviews from your home, a coffee shop, a library or for that matter, any remote location.

Monjin connects you with the right industry experts, who evaluate you on your skills, the interview is then broadcasted across multiple devices to potential employers looking for people like you. Monjin has been on a journey to assist employers to close their requirement in a very short duration of time. Video interviews cut down the time per hire by over 68% and the cost per hire is drastically reduced. It is an essential tool which every employer or candidate should be using to keep up with the technology.

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