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Corporate Social Responsibility

Monjin’s CSR initiatives are driven by our desire to be better humans and a socially and environmentally conscious organization. With this philosophy at the centre, we have begun our journey in CSR by focusing on actions and events that have a positive and lasting impact on our society and environment.

Last year, Monjin planted rice and fruit saplings in the fertile soil of Phansad in Maharashtra. Adding to the farm’s burgeoning fauna, this was our first step in building a greener India. However, we did not stop there. Monjin donated 85 smart stoves to the villagers of Kharkhardi, also in Maharashtra. These smart-stoves not only saved the Kharkhardi’s women from inhaling harmful smoke arising from burning wood, but also brought down the quantity of wood used to cook each time.

Our future efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility will take various forms and shapes, from enabling the lesser privileged communities to live a better life to constantly improving our footprint on the planet.

Community Development

At Monjin, we are passionate about giving back to the community that has helped build us. We are committed to empower those that don’t have the necessary resources to follow their career path.

Environmental Sustainability
As is becoming quickly apparent worldwide, the environment is under serious threat of becoming an endangered resource itself. Here at Monjin, we’re helping fix that through not only individual actions but also sustained collective efforts.

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