How to succeed at your new job!

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Gone are the days when people use to struggle to get a job. There are lots of platforms like Naukri, Monster and what not to help you get one quick! Sending resume to top MNCs have played part now it is time for video interviews. But the real struggle now is to keep the job. In order to survive at your workplace, there are few things which needs to be amended. First few months are enough for your employer to understand your potential, strength and weaknesses. To make sure you succeed at your new job, here are few things which will help you thrive.
Know your employer: Utmost important point to begin with, Some employees work without really knowing or understanding their employer. Taking the time to understand the organization’s mission, goals, strategies, and products/services will help you better understand your role within it — and the value of the job you provide.
Be Goal Driven: To be goal driven, you need to set the goals first. Work with your boss, determine what success looks like for you in this role. Set clear, quantifiable goals to achieve within the first three months and six months, and plot a path to tackle them. No matter what your job is, it’s important to be serious and stay focused on what you do —act professionally in all situations. Always remember, you are not being paid to ‘stay busy’ or even to ‘work hard’ but to strategically deliver on clearly defined goals that materially impact the mission. This is true no matter where you are on the corporate ladder.
Meet and Greet employees from other departments: Always talk to employees who are in other department, meet them and introduce yourself to your new colleagues. During a lunch break or coffee break, ask them about their roles in the big picture of the company. The more time you spend building a foundation for your new job with a clear understanding of your role and how others fit into it as well, the more equipped you are to hit the ground running.
Face the criticism: One of the hardest things for all is to learn is how to handle constructive criticism — and how to use these critiques to improve the performance on the job. Most bosses are simply providing feedback, so you can perform your job better… so you can excel at your work. Be nice, be friendly, be yourself – but always remember that the best working relationships are based on respect and trust, and respect and trust are based on actions and performance, not just on words.
Study top performers: To be at the top you need to observe the best. How they approach problems. How they make decisions. There’s no need to reinvent the high-performance wheel; save that for when you are a top performer and want to go an even higher level. To be successful in most jobs today, workers must also be good team players. Review how well you work in teams, examining key issues such as communications, working relationships, team successes (and failures).
Remember what you promised during your interview: It is inevitable that things that you promised during your interview will come back at you so best thing to do is to keep that promise. Start working on what you said right from the beginning, understand that your employer has expectations to be met, and failing to take them into account will likely lead to unfortunate consequences for you.
Last but not least, find out about mentoring and skill development: Be sure to inquire if there’s someone at the company who can mentor you early on to help you get your footing. Some organization also offer on-the-job training, skill development programs. It’s one thing for your boss to say, “Yes, there’s training I want you to attend in four months.” It’s your responsibility to follow through. Ask for a link to the training and instructions for how to expense any costs.
If you consistently do what you say you will do, you will almost certainly be someone people desire to have on their teams. It is so rare that when you work with someone who is reliable, you never ever want to work with anyone else. You will do anything to keep that person on your team. Doing what you say you are going to do starts with setting the right expectations. If you tell someone you will get them the deliverable by Tuesday, you need to understand that it can actually be delivered by Tuesday. If you follow these simple yet very important things, chances are you will not only succeed at your new job but will reach new heights.
“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” – Rabindranath Tagore

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