It’s the festive season. There’s fun in the air. And the corporate world is tuning down for the holidays. Or so we think.

One of the world’s leading toy brands, Toys R Us has plans underway to hire over 3000 seasonal team members. Target also announced plans to hire over 4000 employees across various distribution centers. While many of these are seasonal/temporary hires, there’s no reason why organizations shouldn’t hire full-time employees, especially during the holiday season. Surprised?

Here are four good reasons why should hire during the festivities.

  1. Candidates are always looking

Think job seekers aren’t looking during the holidays? It couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s why. Holidays, especially the time during Christmas and leading up to the New Year’s is an important time for individuals to take stock of the year and outline career prospects for the future. So, highly talented employees who aren’t comfortable with their current job or who’re looking for more challenging opportunities will start sending warm leads and look out for jobs around this time. The best yet? While most recruiters are ‘away-from-work’, there will be fewer organizations trying to hire, making this the perfect time to place an offer!

  1. Get Half The Work Done

While peak hiring takes place between January to March, there’s no reason you shouldn’t start a little early. In fact, you could get half the job done early in December. Rather than wading through a pool of profiles and working overtime early next year, consider taking a little time out to analyse prospects and make calculated decisions. If you think you’re short on staff at this time of the year, you can choose Hiring Experts to do the work for you. Monjin, for instance, is a leading video interviewing tool that boasts a panel of certified interview experts. Choose from the many hiring models available and ensure an 86% hiring accuracy.

  1. Use Untapped Budgets

It’s December and you have a good portion of unused HR budget. So, you can either let it lapse and struggle to fit in multiple hires the next year around. Or you could use it now and cover some of the hiring requirements well in advance. Hiring during the lull can be more of an advantage than most recruiters care to realize. Holidays are that time of the year when job offers are few and organizations put their hiring needs on the back-burner, which makes it all the more easier to find and land the perfect candidates. Don’t know where to look? Get started with Monjin’s talent pool of over 50,000 pre-assessed profiles.

  1. Get A Head Start For 2019

Inducting new candidates into their new roles, training them, and getting them acquainted with the work culture can take anywhere from weeks to months. By getting your candidates on board well in advance, you give them the chance to pick up the pace and kick-start the New Year with a fresh start. So, while other organizations are scanning through profiles in February, you already have a team that’s doing good work and producing great results.


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