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Professionals know their best productive working hours and hence employees at Monjin pick their own working schedule. No Alarm bells.
Monjin being the fastest growing company, you’ll always be at the business forefront playing, producing, taking responsibilities, challenging, failing, upgrading and ALWAYS LEARNING. If you are the one who takes the challenge and wishes to lead the way, we’ll give you the torch to move ahead in the path.
Our Culture

Monjin firmly stands for diversity at work as it brings more cultural change and thought process into the company. We have overcome perceptual, cultural, and language barriers for diversity programs which has brought us great results.

We believe in open work culture and have transparency, open discussions and zero bureaucracy
in our organisation
                                            Wider Opportunities

We are a talent-driven platform with high-octane energy and young blood. The company provides the opportunities to those who fit the bill and are ready to take the leap with monjin.

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