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So, what’s a Monjin interview?

Monjin is a video interview platform that enjoys the advantage of having the fastest growing pool of interviewing experts across the globe to assess budding professionals like you.

The automated system is driven by AI & machine learning which makes it further easy for you to connect to the right interviewing expert. Monjin offers a platform to harness the power of video and move beyond the conventional ways for employers to see your true potential and give you the opportunity that you truly deserve.

So, What brings you here today?

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Here’s what our customers have been saying about us

Mandar Dixit

Mandar Dixit
Giving Force

Finding a talent in india is difficult. With Monjin, you get to see the candidates before meeting them. They are pre-assessed by monjin’s experienced technical interviewers. This improves the selection ratio and optimizes the time to hire.

Praveen Siddannavar

Praveen Siddannavar
Global Recruiting Lead Automotive

Digital recruiting is a true game changer and provides competitive advantage to us. By utilizing Monjin, the evaluation cycle time per candidate is reduced, as only pre-screened and pre-vetted profiles are now received by our recruiters and interview panel. This therefore releases some bandwidth of the stakeholders, and also provides cost savings.

Capt. Surender Saini

Capt. Surender Saini
Pegasus Yachts

I have been working with monjin since the inception and it is an excellent platform for candidates. We have been very impressed with such a disruptive tech platform for interviewing. I highly recommend monjin for Yachting, IT as well as other industries.

Thijs Van Dooren

Thijs Van Dooren
The Williams Club

Every company is different and has different needs, Monjin understands that and caters accordingly. Working with Monjin has really helped my organization. I want to thank you all for a pleasant cooperation. Whenever required, I received a timely response. I don’t think there’s another platform which provides the customer service you do. It’s been very nice working with everyone at Monjin. Let us continue to strive together and bring a new revolution in the recruitment process.


Samartha Infosolutions
Head – Service Delivery

Finding Monjin was one of the best decisions of our business career to find the best talent for growing our business with quality and trust. We’re scaling every part of the business very quickly with the help of their creative and unique techniques. I am very pleased with the way Monjin structures their professional interview panel and the team to provide us quick and precise comments / feedback on interview execution. I am absolutely delighted with the quality of work I have received from Monjin.
I look forward to future projects with Monjin and it is a pleasure to work with such a professional team of experts.

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