Monjin Spot Light

One Way Interviews

Customize your interviewing experience
with our one-way platform

Customize your

Decide the questions to be asked to the
candidates during the interview

Video Question

Create your questions and expect a video reply by the candidates. Judge them based on their behavioural insights and answers given.

Multiple choice questions

Judge your candidates based on Logical reasoning, aptitude or verbal ability.

Invite your

Candidates can be invited via a link through an email that re-directs them to our interview page.

Single Invite

You can invite a single candidate just by entering their name and email ID.

Bulk invite

You can invite multiple candidates for an interview just by uploading a file with candidate details.


We have AI-based assessment that does a complete screening of candidates including the facial analysis, behaviour, aptitude and technical knowledge.

AI-based assessment

Our system will give the analysis on the interview using our AI logic.

Assessment by our expert

Our team of experts manually assess each question asked by you and accordingly assess the candidate based on the technical and soft skills.


Share the video with decision makers within your organisation and outsiders and get their feedback in textual or video format.


Share the interview to anyone and get their views on it.

Move forward

Make decision on candidate by selecting, rejecting or keeping on hold.

Question Bank

You can make use of Monjin’s library of questions to assess candidates. Questions in our library are classified by skill and level of difficulty.

Smart Question Bank

Choose from our ever growing question bank co-created by our network of skill experts to assess candidates.

Customized Question Bank

You can develop your own question bank and categorize them on degree of difficulty as per your organization’s standards.

Reports &

Advanced analytics to make your hiring
decisions simpler and easier.

Advanced Reports

Visually analyze your hiring data, from candidate ratings, performance reports and efficiency of your hiring operations.

Sharing and collaboration

Share reports with your team for more informed hiring decision making.

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Monjin is a network of professional interviewers across wide range of skills, who continuously conduct video interviews of candidates on our platform.


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