Propelling Hiring Demands

In the Information Technology Space


World’s leading end-to-end IT company was in the quest of an unbiased and neutral assessment platform to fuel IT sector hiring. A plethora of IT companies are show- ing keen interest in hiring candidates with higher learning ability quotient over the experi- enced counterparts. Monjin stepped in to resolve the hiring challenges faced by top IT companies and upscale their businesses. Here’s a closer look at how Monjin bridged the gap between growing hiring needs and rapid technological transformation.


Close bulk hiring
demands in shortest
turn-around time

Hiring processes
eating into precious
project time

Delayed interviews
due to unavailability
of interview panel

Lack of access to
qualified and pre-
assessed candidates


Potential candidates consume time in travelling, incur transit costs, and increase futile efforts. Monjin enabled IT companies to manoeuvre these challenges through a video platform, powered with an assessment tool to help technical fulfilment of the candidates in the IT sector.

IT companies faced time constraints due to unavailability of interview panel. Monjin treaded in with Level1 interviews that helped save time in resolving the hiring barriers within the shortest turn-around time of 48 hours.

Bulk hiring demand was another area of challenge for IT companies. Monjin provided seamless support in closing 50+ hiring requirements in the short span of 1 month.



Convenience in Candidate Screening

Increased candidates’ technical fitment with job role

Pre-assessed Candidates’ Videos

Accurate Candidate Pre-assessment

Reduced Hiring Cycle



50+ Positions Closed in 30 Days

200+ Candidates Evaluated

Project commencement within 3 Days



Monjin licenses availability within a month

Unparalleled Calibration Rate

Large IT companies shortlisted pre-assessed candidates from Monjin

No Technical interviews required from employer’s end

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