Monjin sets about honing job seekers’ skills

Oct 14, 2018

Monjin, a video interviewing and assessment platform, has set up a network of candidates (job seekers) and interviewers (certified interviewers) to enhance the skill of the former to make them job ready in the global market.

Domain experts (retired people or working senior executives) registered on the company’s platform are being deployed to interview job seekers in their preparatory stages and helping them upgrade to face real job interviews confidently.

There is a growing trend among professionals to mentor job seekers and earn some extra money. Human resource (HR) tech platforms such as Monjin are capitalising on such ‘interviewers’ to assess and evaluate the skills of their candidates to reduce the rate of rejections.

“Interviewers interview the candidate based on their skill sets and experience, re-asses their core skills and also guide and mentor them to be interview-ready,” Monjin said in a statement.

“It is not only about the skills but also about how a candidate presents herself/himself in front of the HR professional. The presentation of projects need to be perfect and the soft skills associated with the jobs are vital aspects which needs to be highlighted,” according to the statement.

Abhijeet Kashyape, CEO & Cofounder, Monjin said, “Candidates and interviewers are being matched on Monjin engine via AI, based on skills and work experience. Once they are matched, interview happens in an automated fashion, which is then analyzed by these interviewers. Deep technical, functional, behavioral feedback from the interviewers contributes to neutral assessment.”

Monjin facilitates access to employers into these video interviews where they can see both interviewer and candidate with competency ratings. “Ultimately, employers can select, reject, shortlist or share assessment along with video” he said adding “currently there is no assessment available today on any of the portals. We are creating a profession of interviewers”.

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