Monjin partners with Microsoft to provide next generation of interview assessments

Nov 21, 2017

BENGALURU: Technology solutions provider Monjin has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to build a unique video interviewer’s network that links candidates with potential employers to ensure a creative and interactive experience, said a company statement issued today.

Monjin, in association with Microsoft, is building the world’s first Azure-based aggregator platform, which pulls in interviewers to create a global assessment standard through neutral expertise and intelligently schedules them on video with active and passive candidates. Each conversation is recorded, stored, archived and processed through Azure.

The platform allows the candidates to harness the power of digital interviewing to reach hiring companies faster, showcase themselves better while multiplying their efforts, which would never be otherwise possible with a paper resume.

By signing up with Monjin, candidates can opt for a one-way video interview in their area of expertise. Once completed, the interview will be analysed by industry experts who serve on Monjin’s board of panelists. Following their interview, candidates receive a thorough report of their performance that covers many factors including body language, soft skills, technical expertise, and more.

“We are committed to helping organisations in the country transform by offering them solutions that will ease their operations and increase productivity. By participating in the latest digital initiative, candidates earn the option of not just connecting with potential employers but doing it in a dynamic way, thus increasing their career prospects manifold,” said Abhijit Kashyape, managing partner, Monjin Corporation.

“Microsoft continues to bring innovation to the fore by offering unmatched choice and flexibility in the cloud today. We along with our partner ecosystem are committed to empower organisations with modern tools and solutions- all while fulfilling their mobility and scalability requirements,” said Rajiv Sodhi, commercial partner leader, Microsoft India.

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