What if my bandwidth is low?

You will need a internet connection with upload and download speed of atleast 1MBPS & latency (Ping time) of less than 50ms. If your bandwidth is under these specification, we strongly advise you to take the interview from a place where the speed is atleast as per our specification. If you are in Pune (India), we have a Monjin Center of Interviews (MOCOI). You are more than welcome to our office to give the interview. Just drop an email to info@monjin.com & let us know.

I have 1Mbps internet connection, then why is my video is not good?

With some internet connections, the download speed is 1Mbps but the upload speed is low. For a great Monjin interview, you need both download and upload speed of atleast 1MBPS. Also check your latency (ping time), it should be less than 50ms.

Why am I unable to login using my social login?

If you are already an existing user, please make sure that you are trying to login using the same set of social credentials you have registered with. In case you do not recall the same, you can drop an email to info@monjin.com and we will help you remember. If you are a new user, please make sure you have clicked on the invite link received on your email and then tried to login.

I have connected my headphone but I am unable to hear?

Please make sure that you have granted the browser premissions to access the devices (webcam and headset) attached to your laptop/PCYou also need to ensure that the browser is using the same set of devices (webcam and headset) that have been attached to your laptop/PC. If you are still unable to hear, we suggest you look up your headset under the Playback devices list in your machine and test the same.

What if my interview gets interrupted?

Should you or the interviewer loose connectivity and the interview get interupted, do not panic. What ever was discussed thus far has been saved automatically. If the interview is interupted at the interviewer’s end, wait for some time for the interview to restart. REMEMBER YOU ARE ON VIDEO THAT’S STILL BEING RECORDED SO DON’T MAKE ANY MOVEMENTS. JUST KEEP CALM AND WAIT FOR THE INTERVIEWER.

I am unable to see myself on video?

Ensure you have a working webcam with appropriate drivers installed. Quit all other chat applications like Skype, Hangouts, etc. to ensure any of these applications are not having exclusive control over your webcam. If you are a Windows user, restart (yes, it solves many problems).

In case you still can’t see yourself, please ensure you have enough upload bandwidth. Monjin requires you to have at least 1Mbps upload bandwidth. Try speedtest.net to verify your bandwidth. If there are any upload bandwidth intensive programs like torrents are running in background, please close them all and try again.

Can I register on Monjin over mobile / tablet?

Our mobile app is under development, till then we suggest you avoid using mobile or tablet to register for Monjin.

Can I give interview on mobile / tablet?

Our mobile app is under development, till then we suggest you avoid using mobile or tablet to give the interview.

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