Futuristic Hiring Route

to resolve talent acquisition challenges in the Retail Industry


Retail Industry has transformed from conventional grocery markets to fast-track hypermarkets in the recent years. The ever-fluctuating sector poses its uniqe challenges – Applicants have multiple options; Low barriers to exit; Candidates market is highly localised. With India being ranked 1st in the Global Retail Development Index 2017,
we see an opportunity. Monjin looks to resolve hiring challenges faced specific to retail industry.


Delayed interviews
due to unavailability
of interview panel

Increased burden
of bulk hiring

Lack of qualified
and pre-assessed

Lack of connectivity
to global retail


Travelling to the interview venue involves effort, time, and costs. Specially if you are approaching top holding companies in the retail sector. Monjin enabled potential candidates to beat this challenge with a video platform. The platform was powered with an assessment measuring tool which helped in technical fitment of the candidates in the retail industry.

Hiring in large numbers is a big challenge, especially in the retail industry. An expert panel of Monjin helped in conducting Level1 interviews. This helped in resolving the burden of bulk hiring demand.
Monjin managed services helped manage weekend interview drives without calling hiring managers to conduct the 1st level of interview. This ensured a reduction in hiring cycle for the employers and better technical fitment of candidates.

Monjin has achieved resolutions in talent acquisition challenges while enabling candidates to reach top retail companies, and improved employer’s business productivity in the retail industry.



Convenience in Candidate Screening

Hiring managers can view pre-assessed candidates’ videos within 72 hours

Hiring Cycle reduced with accurate pre-assessments of candidates

Increased technical fitment of candidates with job role



Monjin Licenses availability within a month

300+ Interviews conducted within 6 months

Large retail companies shortlisted pre-assessed candidates from Monjin



As top holding companies in the retail industry spray multiple opportunities, Monjin is on the path to make a difference in the hiring space. In the Indian scenario, the potential to provide employment to a large youth population is on a rapid growth. Resolve talent acquisition challenges and improve business productivity with innovative hiring solutions focused on the retail sector.

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