Easy bulk-upload of candidate profiles for a range of skills you're looking to hire for.


Utilize the expertise, domain knowledge and experience of Monjin's empanelled experts to interview your candidates.


Close your hiring requirements in less than 72 hours with over 60% savings and 86% calibration ratio.

Your Candidate Our Interviewer

Monjin is the next gen disruptive enterprise solution that slashes the amount of time, cost, wasted efforts and stress while adding much more speed, accuracy & productivity into your hiring process, almost immediatly.

Monjin's YCOI model offers you a platform to conduct interviews anytime, anywhere almost on auto pilot. Technology does the matching and scheduling, unbound of time and location. The interviews are recorded, rated and tagged against candidate's each skill and sub skill. These interviews can also be shared in real time with other decision makers to take a collaborative hiring decision. Know More

You will find that each interview is backed by a thorough analysis of the candidate. This includes an Interview Summary provided by Monjin’s Panel of experts.

Monjin enjoys a self-aggregating, ever-growing global army of experienced, even decades long, domain experts, passionately associated with us as Interview panellist. Tapping this exclusive intellectual resource immediately uplifts your interviewing process. Best part, these mid-to-senior level managers working in different organization, not only brings their own technical know-how but are also trained to perform extensive evaluation and pick the right candidates, for you.

Benefits you enjoy with YCOI
Cost & time savings

  • Upto 60% direct savings on overall Cost Per Hire.
  • Upto 70% savings in time and bandwidth of scheduling interviews.
  • Improved hiring conversion rate by upto 25%.

Panel as a service

  • Bridge the existing skill gap in your organization.
  • Solve the panel availability issue with Monjin's wide group interviewing experts.
  • Fulfil the volume and demand ratio even when mass recruiting.

Improved hit ratio

  • Browser based video assessment platform.
  • Share interviews in real time with the managers and stakeholders.
  • The calibration stands out at a conversion rate of 85%.

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