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The world’s first video interviewers’ network

Monjin is the world’s first technology-enabled digital talent platform with an interviewers network thus creating a new profession for interviewers and adding value to enterprises. First ever assessed database of video interviews of candidates which are readily available to enterprises.

We believe that it’s not just possible, but also extremely easy to find the right candidate in a short span. How?

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Monjin’s next-gen technology gives you access to the "Result triangle" that lets you move in the right direction with every interview, with its three main components - Robust Technology, Vetted Panel of Experts and Right Candidates. As opposed to the traditional ways of recruitment from static job boards that give you access only to the candidate’s resume, Monjin gives you dynamic interviews (with evaluations), to reduce your time to source, screen, schedule interviews and close demands.

Monjin is the world’s first technology-enabled digital talent platform. Monjin has the largest growing interviewers network which is self-aggregating. The interviewers are empanelled through an extensive MEEP: Monjin Evaluation and Empanelment Process. Monjin provides you with an entire repository of candidates who are #AssessedByExperts #MatchedForCorporate

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Features OCOI - Subscription based access to database of accessed interviewed candidates
Sourcing & Interviewing
Candidates sourced by Monjin
Interviews conducted by Monjin interviewers who are top industry experts
Database of proactively interviewed candidates
Scheduling Scheduling of interviews are automated by Monjin’s system without human interference
Search and sort by Candidates & profiles can be searched & sorted by skill, sub skill, location, experience, monjin rating, name etc.
Assessment Each interview is assessed granularly on each skill, subskill, behavioural and overall free text feedback
Playback The interviews can be viewed anytime with adaptive streaming and Time stamped index* to optimize viewing time
Feedback and workflow Integrated workflow for internal feedback and tracking on each candidate, restricted to your users

Benefits you enjoy with OCOI

Ease of Use

Browser-based video assessment
and talent search platform

Vetted database with recorded, indexed interviews and granular assessments. Both the interviewer and the candidate can be seen when the interview is played

Share interviews with hiring managers and stakeholders instantly. The interviews can be calibrated by HR, technology managers & hiring managers. The calibration stands out at a conversion rate over 80%

Cost & Time Savings

Upto 60% direct savings on
overall Cost Per Hire

Upto 70% savings in time and
bandwidth of scheduling

Improved hiring conversion
rate by upto 25%

Candidate Experience

Assessment by Industry expertsimg

Interview at your

Showcase digital profiles

High quality interactive

How OCOI works?

Search interviewed and
assessed profiles

Watch interviews by
Industry experts

Select your
suitable match

But don’t take it from us.

Here’s what others have to say.

“This digital way of recruiting has helped us shorten the time to hire as only the pre-screened and vetted profiles are shared with us. Also, it is coming out to be cost effective as compared to the traditional modes of recruiting.”

- Rajiv Ranjan | Employer

“Digital recruiting is a true game changer and provides competitive advantage to us. By utilizing Monjin, the evaluation cycle time per candidate is reduced, as only pre-screened and pre-vetted profiles are now received by our recruiters and interview panel. This therefore releases some bandwidth of the stakeholders, and also provides cost savings.”

- Praveen Siddannavar | Global recruiting Lead Automotive - KPIT

The Power of Video FOR hiring

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