Queries on Interview Process


Who will be my interviewer?

Your interviewer will be a subject matter expert with vast industry experience. You will be able to know about your interviewer just 24 hours before the interview in the greenroom.


When can I give the interview?

It’s entirely upto you. On your monjin calendar, you will be able to see available interview slots. These are confirmed slots from interviewer. Just select a slot that best suits your conveinience and that’s it. Your interview is confirmed.


How do I join the interview?

Before your interview you will see a join interview link. Click on this link and you will be taken to the green room where you will see the profile details of the interviewer.


What is the green room?

You will get access to green room 24 hours before the interview. Here you will be able to see the 1 minute introduction of your interviewer. Below the introductory video you will find a red tab ‘Join interview’- click on the link. You will see yourself in the small window frame and the interviewer on the large window frame.


How long is the interview?

Generally each interview lasts for anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes.


What happens after the interview is completed?

Once the interview is done, it is available for employers who are looking for people like yourself. Employers watch the video and will contact you directly for further discussions.


When will I get a feedback?

Employers generally take anywhere between 2-4 weeks to give feedback


Can I delete my profile on monjin?

If you want to delete your monjin, you can drop an email to info@monjin.com and we will delete your profile.

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