Monjin Help | Interviewing - Steps to Interview

Steps to Interview

Introduce yourself and welcome the candidate. You can then spend a few minutes talking to
them about unrelated matters to build rapport and make them feel comfortable.
Explain the purpose of the interview is to talk about the position and for the candidate to gain
information from a peer regarding working with MONJIN. Provide an overview of the format
(you can choose to proceed through steps 1 – 6 or use a less formatted interview).
The individual will have undertaken one Workforce Management interview and one Technical interview
Future Career Aspirations
It can be important to understand the future career aspirations of the individual before you start
questioning, in order to prevent them from tailoring their answers and to help identify if their
career aspirations match the role and career progression we offer. It also helps build rapport.
Resume or Project Walkthrough
You can ask the candidate to discuss their resume in chronological order. Query any areas that do not
make sense or any gaps in the resume. It is also important to understand why the candidate left each position.
You may choose to focus on projects within the resume rather than the full resume.
Assess Foundational Competencies
Use the questions provided to assess Foundational Competencies. Choose the questions you are most
comfortable with, or you feel are more appropriate. The questions provided are example questions.
Each interviewer should tailor their interviewing style and technique to their personality.
Discussion about the Role and MONJIN
You can start by asking the candidate if they have any specific questions.
Explain the role, MONJIN, employment conditions and anything else relevant to the role.
Participating focus on what it is like to work at MONJIN and the nature of the work.
Sell Messages
You have a number of key sell messages to deliver in your interview.
These can be dispersed through your meeting or summarised at the end.
Complete the interview
Finish the interview by clearly outlining the next steps in the process.
Following the interview complete your interview notes and make an overall assessment of the candidate
based on the answers provided. Return the completed forms to your Recruiter.
Following are some suggested questions, specifically tailored to the Foundational Competencies
to be explored in this interview. You can use these as a basis for your questioning or adapt for your own use.

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