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Women Leadership @Monjin

At Monjin we are committed towards bringing diversity & one of the major element of diversity is gender.

World has a large IT work force. Unlike other industry sectors like manufacturing, oil & gas etc., gender diversity is far better in IT. But this diversity ismostly seen at the lower or base of the hierarchy pyramid.

It has been observed that as we move up in the hierarchy pyramid we see very few women employees. There are multiple reasons for this, few of them because of which women have to take a career break are,
  • Motherhood
  • Marriage
  • Mobility
  • LoA
At Monjin, we see that there is huge untapped resource pool of such women who have good work experience and skills but are unable to do a regular 9-6 job.

Monjin Women Leadership Program encourages such career driven women, by bringing them on board as interviewers and provide them all the help and flexibility so that they can take interviews from their homes, at their convenient time & still take care of their personal priorities.

Monjin gives them a chance to get back on their career track and showcase their skills to the world.

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