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Queries on Monjin platform

What is the skill self rating?
Your skill is the most important information on monjin. The first skill that you enter is your primary skill. You can add 5 more skill that you have acquired and can give interview on. You also have to rate your self in each skill on the scale of 1 to 5, so that the interviewer can know your level expertise in the skill.
What all documents do I have to upload?
You will have to upload your latest cv.
Why do I have to submit personal ID document?
This is not mandatory but we suggest you upload a photo id, for employer you know you are a genuine candidate.
What are my privacy settings?
You have the control to decide which organization cannot view your video interview. You can enter names of those organization and they wont be able to search or view your video interview. You can also make your interview available to all organizations.
What is 1–min introduction video?
You can record your 1 min video introduction of your self. Tell the interviewer and employer about yourself, your experience, skills & career aspirations.
Can I re-record my 1–min introduction video?
Yes, if you don’t like your introduction video you can re-record it. You get 3 chances to record your 1 min introduction video.

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